The Holidays are Coming

The weeks are ticking by and Christmas is on its way. Like lots of working mums and dads out there, I can feel the pressure mounting- the pressure of working a day job, running a business and trying to create a magical Christmas season for everyone. My head is spinning with questions: did I order enough turkey? Where’s the present I hid months ago? Is 4pm too early to crack open the mulled wine.

Why do we do it to ourselves?

Every year I promise myself that this time I won’t go overboard (do 7 people really need a turkey the size of a small horse?) and every year it ends up growing bigger as the mum guilt sets in. Add in that December is a tricky time for me due to a traumatic bereavement and it can be a recipe for disaster.


It’s time to stop. Pause. Take a step back and assess what’s really important: family, friends, quality time together (and gin). Do we really need to spend a fortune on presents? Does Christmas Day really have to be run like a military operation?


Let’s spend time crafting and enjoying making meaningful gifts instead of boosting our stress levels and Jeff Bezo’s bank account. Let’s protect our own mental health and our pockets by sharing the fruits of a new skill we’ve learned. Let’s just relax: it’s only one day after all.

Wishing you all a very merry (and relaxed) Christmastime.


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