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Modern Design Coffee Cup

Handmade Coasters

At Zen Zebra Designs our handmade coasters are all produced using a variety of materials, from slate to wood. They are designed by hand and to offer that wow factor in your home.

Handmade Coasters


A coaster is no longer just something to put your mug on. It's something which stand out, something which matches the decor of your room, an accessory.


At Zen Zebra Designs we take pride in our work and our handmade coasters are produced over a number of hours, carefully painting and crafting the design all by hand.


Personalised Coasters


What better way to make a statement in your home and for your mug with a set of personalised coasters. With a variety of designs, materials and colour schemes you'll find the perfect set for your home.


Slate Coasters


Slate is such a beautiful natural material. Add a unique design and a bit of style and you have something truly special, adding a thing of beauty to your coffee table.


All our coasters are entirely handmade and can be fully personalised.

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