At Zen Zebra Designs we are immensely proud of our range of eco-conscious cushions. Our handmade cushions are designed to stand out from the crowd and make a statement, all handcrafted and completely unique.

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Handmade Cushions

All our cushions are completely handmade, taking hours to handcraft these truly unique and beautiful designs. No two cushions are the same because of the way they are produced, which makes them the perfect addition to your room.

Decorative Cushion

A decorative cushion is designed to inject a bit of extra colour into a room, often complimenting the colours of the walls or curtains to brighten up your sofa or an armchair.

At Zen Zebra Designs we offer a range of decorative and hessian cushion products, all completely handmade and one of a kind designs. Produced from eco-conscious materials they are designed to stand out, perfectly finish your room and be a talking point for guests who will definitely notice them.